Results! Where Would You Rather Live?

Where would you rather live poll is now closed, and both city and suburbs are tied at exactly 43% (3 votes)!

Guitar Lesson 2 for Beginners

Here is guitar lesson 2 for beginners. Good luck! 🍀

Guitar Chart

Performance Video

Here’s the video from the performance. It went great.

Lesson 1 Guitar For Beginners

Here is a instructional video I created to help beginners with starting guitar. Check it out and make sure to subscribe below if you have not already to get emails of my posts and more guitar lessons!

How to Make a Paper Fortune 🔮 Teller

Want to foretell your future? Watch the video below to make your very own fortune teller.

Music All Day Poll

This poll is now closed and the results are in! The winning music is 🤘🏼 rock!

Thanks to everyone who voted. Make sure to check out “Where would you rather live” poll here.

How To Memorize Lines, Scenes, and Monologues

Here is a video I created to help with memorization for scripts, and much more.

Your Vote Matters

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Meet Lua, our parrot that flew (in an airplane) over here from Oklahoma on March 2018. He has been an awesome companion. He has been taught to wave, come on command, spin, and he has a mini bowling alley and mini darts (magnet) and a dart board that he has been taught to use. Here is a nice picture of him, and a video of all his tricks.

Where Would You Rather Live?

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