Sally Monologue from Charlie Brown

Here’s a monologue that I recently recorded for an online acting showcase. I’ve been going in-person to take lessons and masks are now optional! I’m working on a song on my guitar called The One I Love, and I’m taking singing classes too. I am also hoping to get into some more acting projects soon 🤞🏼

enjoy! 👇🏼


2 thoughts on “Sally Monologue from Charlie Brown

  1. So glad to see you performing again! Great work… love the pig tails and polka dot dress!!
    Happy to hear you are back to in person classes. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing your future performances!!
    I’m very proud of you!
    Love…Grandma Renee


  2. Yeshe. Very nice. I agree with all that Grand ma Renee wrote. The dress is pretty cool ! And your hair – has always been so beautiful. So glad you are able to get out and start doing what you enjoy. Let us know what happens with the showcase. Love Safta Malka


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