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How To Memorize Lines, Scenes, and Monologues

Here is a video I created to help with memorization for scripts, and much more.

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Meet Lua, our parrot that flew (in an airplane) over here from Oklahoma on March 2018. He has been an awesome companion. He has been taught to wave, come on command, spin, and he has a mini bowling alley and mini darts (magnet) and a dart board that he has been taught to use. Here is a nice picture of him, and a video of all his tricks.


Where Would You Rather Live?

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Country to Suburbs

We will be moving in March 2020. We have enjoyed seeing so many stars most nights, and the nice sunsets from our porches here in the country. Another thing that we have enjoyed, is not being able to hear the highway at night. Seeing all the wildlife, including SO many deer, birds, rabbits, and many other wild animals. Though we will definitely not miss having to drive 1 hour and 3 minutes to food stores and our classes. I will not miss hearing people shoot guns either. Make sure to check out a gallery of photos here which I will add more pictures to it soon. I will also be posting more updates of what is going on with moving, and our adventures with it too!

6 Tips To Compliment Your Diet

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In today’s world, there are so many health protocols people are following. Whatever diet you are on, these 6 tips will benefit you.

  • At least one veggie a day (preferably organic)
  • Eat with the season.
  • Compliment your diet with herbs
  • You can’t go wrong with celery juice
  • Go to a farm and pick fresh fruit and veggies
  • Make sure to have a fresh component with each meal
  • Trust yourself with food decisions

6 Tips To Reduce Plastic Waste

Everyone knows that plastic is a big problem these days. If we all play our roles in at least trying to reduce plastic, then things can be a lot better even if we do not completely get rid of it. Plastic is used with almost everything humans buy, and make, that is why we may not be able to avoid it, but we can reduce and reuse it. This is why I created these tips to help guide you on reducing plastic.

  • Bring your own glass water bottle when you are leaving the house instead of buying plastic ones.
  • Instead of being lazy with a plastic fork or spoon, pick up the wooden chopsticks and learn to use them if you don’t already know how to. Chopsticks aren’t just for sushi.
  • If you get an already prepared lunch, clean and save the container for storing food or leftovers.
  • With resealable bags, clean them out and use them for food or leftovers as well.
  • It’s totally worth it to walk the extra few steps to throw your recyclable plastic cup in the recycling.
  • Spend a couple extra dollars to buy shampoo, conditioner and laundry detergent that comes in metal or paper containers.

Below are some recommendations on companies and products that reduce plastic waste. Many of these can be found in stores too.


Utensil Set

Plaine Products. Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotions, and Moisturizers.

 Seed Phytonutrients Hair, face and body products

Please comment if you have any other low plastic brands you like, and I will add them.

Life on a Farm

Life on a farm can be difficult. My family (except my sister) has always wanted to live on a farm, with cows, chickens, a horse, vegetable garden, and to build our own eco-friendly house. When we moved here, we finally got most of what we wanted. We did not get any cows, but we have everything else. My parents really wanted a community, but that did not happen here. In the summertime, there are raspberries, and blackberries. Also, purple martins come in the spring time to gourds we set up. Click here for a chart of where people have spotted purple martins. Though we have this farm, we are still moving to the city. It ended up not being what we wanted.


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