The Four Seasons, a Stop Motion Film

I almost forgot about this blog until i met someone who found it and inspired me to post again!

So here’s a fun stop motion film i created.

He’s a Pirate on Electric Guitar from Pirates of the Caribbean

I’m entering a Global Music Icon contest and I need your help to win! I would really appreciate it if you like, comment, and share this video to help me move to the finale round.

Sally Monologue from Charlie Brown

Here’s a monologue that I recently recorded for an online acting showcase. I’ve been going in-person to take lessons and masks are now optional! I’m working on a song on my guitar called The One I Love, and I’m taking singing classes too. I am also hoping to get into some more acting projects soon 🤞🏼

enjoy! 👇🏼


Walt Disney World

I had a blast going to Disney World with my BFF! My favorite ride would have to be Test Track or Splash Mountain. We went late at night and there were no lines!? How crazy is that! We stayed in the Wilderness Lodge for a couple nights, then the BoardWalk Inn for a night.

We also went to an amusement park nearby, which had some pretty crazy rides. We went on one called Head Spin 360, I felt like I was going to fall out of the seat!! But i loved it.🤣

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! 2020 has really flown by for me. Here’s a monologue that I got recorded the other day from Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen, and a song called Angels We Have Heard On High! Have a great day and enjoy❤️

Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen • Annie
Angels We Have Heard On High

Danny Boy on the Guitar

Happy Chanukah 🕎 to all who celebrate!
I hope you are having a great day. Here’s a song called Danny Boy on my acoustic guitar. I will be posting some holiday themed songs soon too! Stay tuned

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We had so much fun in Cheekwood a beautiful botanical garden when we were driving through Tennessee. There are many incredible sculptors made by Chihuly! Super cool and fun pumpkin photo booth to take pictures in as well.

We went in the night time too see all the lights in the sculptures lit up, but it’s awesome in the day time too.
We have gone several times now, and it’s very nice getting out and taking a long walk with all the wonderful scenery.
Totally recommend going here if you’re ever passing through Tennessee.

Nickelodeon Audition

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while, but wanted to let you know what I’ve been working on lately.

I am auditioning for Nickelodeon! I did a self tape audition and sent it in. For extra talents, here’s the guitar song I sent in. Unfortunately I’m not able to share the video of the script I did.

Don’t Stop Believin

The Star Spangled Banner

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone is doing well. Here is a wonderful song our amazing friend Kate and I collaborated on to celebrate this day!