Road Trip II

We took another road trip to the town we’re moving to last Wednesday. We stayed in a nice house in the middle of Historic Downtown area. There are a lot of old houses and buildings. We ate at our favorite restaurant and did our normal activities. When we were there, we also received our address and the move-in date is confirmed for the townhouse we will be moving to in May!


Country to Suburbs

We will be moving in March 2020. We have enjoyed seeing so many stars most nights, and the nice sunsets from our porches here in the country. Another thing that we have enjoyed, is not being able to hear the highway at night. Seeing all the wildlife, including SO many deer, birds, rabbits, and many other wild animals. Though we will definitely not miss having to drive 1 hour and 3 minutes to food stores and our classes. I will not miss hearing people shoot guns either. Make sure to check out a gallery of photos here which I will add more pictures to it soon. I will also be posting more updates of what is going on with moving, and our adventures with it too!

Life on a Farm

Life on a farm can be difficult. My family (except my sister) has always wanted to live on a farm, with cows, chickens, a horse, vegetable garden, and to build our own eco-friendly house. When we moved here, we finally got most of what we wanted. We did not get any cows, but we have everything else. My parents really wanted a community, but that did not happen here. In the summertime, there are raspberries, and blackberries. Also, purple martins come in the spring time to gourds we set up. Click here for a chart of where people have spotted purple martins. Though we have this farm, we are still moving to the city. It ended up not being what we wanted.