Wicked Musical

I hope everyone is doing well! I recently participated in a socially distanced summercamp last week. The final show was recorded, and we all had so much fun! you can watch it below!

The Star Spangled Banner

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone is doing well. Here is a wonderful song our amazing friend Kate and I collaborated on to celebrate this day!

Pool Day!

I had lots of fun at our community pool with my mom the other day! We are loving living here! We enjoy walking to our favorite restaurant, and being nice and close to everything.

The Show Must Go Online!

Yay! My acting group and I have been working on an online show! We recently completed it. Check the video out below!!! Enjoy. 👇🏼

The Big Day is Here!

Yay! Today is day 2 of moving to Franklin, TN! Some pics we got of our new house! 👇🏼

How to Do a Backbend

Hi everyone!

Check out what I’ve created during quarantine!

The Best Practice Audience

Pets really are one of the best practice audiences, and parrots are super helpful for holding your guitar pick!

me practicing guitar with Lua

Coco Monologue

Check out Miguel performing a monologue from the cartoon Coco!!


Wildwood Flower

My mom and I have recorded and put together a nice video of Wildwood Flower, the song I was going to play at the performance that got canceled. Check out the video below and tell me what you think in the comments!

Great Weather

We are taking advantage of this amazing weather and using our farm as a gym!